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About Malezi

Malezi’s mission is to transform education for entrepreneurship and employment. Malezi takes a holistic approach working on education and skills transformation (supply side) as well as creating opportunities for entrepreneurship and employment (demand side) taking advantage of digital technologies.

On the education front, digital technology can bring quality education and skills development to all children and the youth. On the job front, the digital economy has given rise to the “Gig Economy” which is quite suitable for the developing world’s large informal job market. This context and the mission drive Malezi’s products and solutions.

At its heart, Malezi is a Digital Economy Company- using technology to solve problems by transforming existing ways or inventing new ways of doing things. The increasing proliferation of digital technologies and the rise of the Digital Economy offers Africa and the developing world opportunities to solve some of their most challenging social problems among which are education and jobs.

A unique aspect of Malezi’s work is a focus on preserving and leveraging culture. Malezi believes that human culture and diversity are strengths to be nurtured. Culture speaks to identity while Education and skills are the prerequisites to finding a job or living a prosperous life.

Malezi was founded and started operations in Kenya. It has also expanded to Nigeria and Ethiopia.