Entrepreneurship and Job creation

Many countries in Africa are struggling with Job creation. While many focus on education and skills only (supply side), it is also important to focus on the demand side by creating new jobs and entrepreneurs. By leveraging the increasingly available digital infrastructure, digital platforms, new business models and new skills or reskilling of workers, it is possible to create new jobs and opportunities.

To catalyze the creation of jobs and entrepreneurs, Malezi is developing Gig Economy Platforms and business models. An example of this is the Malezi Tutor platform that enables tutors to offer services and parents to easily find, compare and hire tutors.

Gig economy could help “power Africa’s growth” including creating new jobs -World Economic


Africa has a rich and storied culture and diversity. This rich cultural diversity and history is linked to some of the continent’s booming entertainment scenes such as Nollywood. The movie industry alone is estimated to account for 1.4% of Nigeria’s GDP and is the second largest source of employment after Agriculture. But movies are just one aspect of the intersection of culture and entertainment. The rise of technology is exposing new opportunities to fuse digital, culture and entertainment. The cultural and entertainment industries are also closely linked to education- both as a source of skills and a large consumer of content.

Malezi is working to accelerate the creation of new jobs by leveraging the gig economy paradigm to develop a marketplace platform focusing on the inter-related areas of Culture, Education and Entertainment (CEE), developing digital creative talent and creating job opportunities in CEE areas.